Cleaning and maintenance of silver jewelry

925-stamped silver jewelry have about 95,2% silver. The ending 7,5% is copper. Pure silver is really soft, so to harden the silver to everyday use, there has to be alloyed copper melted into pure silver.

Because there’s 7,5% copper in 925 alloys, the copper in silver alloy may tarnish. Different chemicals can affect the silver to tarnish; that’s why it’s best to put the jewelry onto you after applying makeup, hair products, perfume or cologne.

You can clean silver jewelry with a new, soft toothbrush and using a little bit of soap with warm water. Remember that sensitive stones may not like it – check what kind of stones you have in your jewelry before using soap. Avoid rubbing stones too much!

You can also use anti-tarnish silver polish tissues, which can be found in goldsmith shops. The best way to clean jewelry is using ultrasonic cleaner, and usually all goldsmith and jeweler shops have this machine. You can also buy this machine – but don’t clean sensitive stones in ultrasonic cleaner.

Maintenance of the silver jewelry should be done by professional jeweler. Give your jewelry to the professional if the stones are weakly closed, the jewelry has deep scratches or some part is loose.

How to clean jewelry

– Liquid soap with a warm water and a soft teethbrush
– Anti-tarnish silver polish tissues
– Ultrasonic cleaner

What jewelry you can clean

Silver jewelry without stones
Jewelry with familiar stones to you; avoid rubbing the stone!

When to go to the professional jeweler

– Jewleries with a patina
– Jewelry with unknown stones to you
– Fragile jewelry
– Precious jewelry
– Scratched and worn-out jewelries