Even though Kilahus isn’t a business yet, I’ve been doing jewelries for few years under this name.

Jewelries find the shapes from old Finnish and Scandinavian stories, myths and epic poetries.

I recycle silver scraps and dust, because I don’t wanna burden nature. I buy silver findings from Finnish sellers, who also use recycled materials.

When you buy jewelry straight from me, you pay for the work hours and the materials, so You don’t have to pay any “middlemen”, who often put more price to jewelry.


My jewelries have organic design, like the nature does. Forests of Lapland and Southern Lapland have this mystic and fascinating feeling, which I love.

Finnish epic poetry, Kalevala and viking’s Edda contain stories and myths, from where I find the inspiration to my jewelry designs. That’s why most of my jewelries have a little background stories around them; I want to tell these stories onward in the shape of jewelries.

I craft small and detailed jewelries, and I use different kinds of surfaces to bring more interest on the jewelry. I like to put small parts on my jewelry to bring it to life with sound; chains, stones, or silver. When the small parts cling to one another, it makes a lovely sound, a small ting, what I like to call “kilahus”.


I use high-quality materials, so my jewelry has 92.5% silver and 7,5% copper. All my jewelry findings (ear hoops, pins and posts, chains) are made out of recycled silver.


I use high-quality recycled silver made in Finland from trusted suppliers. Recycled silver comes from recycled computers, old jewelry and precious metal objects. When working with silver, leftover scrap and dust is produced. I melt the leftovers into precious metal, from which I then craft new jewelry.

In my jewelry you can find 925-stamp, which means my jewelry is 92.5% pure silver.


I get my stones from the gemstone cutters in Europe. I use natural stones as well as synthetic ones; there’s no difference in chemical property between natural and synthetic stones, the only difference is that the synthetic stone is man made. In change that makes the synthetic stones more cheaper than the real ones.

I find it important to keep up small businesses, so I try to get my stones straight from the gem cutters.